dnkl:project is the work of Xabier Cortés Aramendi.

I´m a computer science student in the UPV-EHU who would like to share my musical visions and experiments with all of you. My works are mostly influenced by artist like Xedh, Merzbow, Brighter Death Now, Haus Arafna, the cold meat industry sound and more.

I manage my own musical webzine , in which I write reviews and interviews of the extreme / dark and experimental scene. I also own a personal blog to share my thoughts and opinions about computers, music, technology and all the stuff i´m interested in.

Check out my dark ambient project, dulce:morgue

I would like to thank Miguel A. García (aka XEDH) for support and inspiration (eres grande tío :D)

Feel free to contact: info[at]dnklproject.com

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